HELM Respected Temptress

Date of Birth:
Sired by "Respect Me" (90" +ttt) and out of one the great dams in the breed, "SL Selena's Ace" ( 80" ttt +) "Respected Temptress" is an exceptional Traditional Texas Longhorn. Her dam "SL Selena's Ace" sold for $23,000 at the 2009 Horn Showcase Sale in Fort, Worth and she has delivered some exceptional offspring that are being used today in some of the best breeding programs in the country. Another one of her daughters "Helm Fantasia" is a proven producer of great heifers and is a maternal 3/4" sister to "Respected Temptress". Great production runs throughout this family. "Respected Temptress" has had (3) awesome daughters, a great young Herd Sire named "Respected Gun 705" and a mega horned steer named "Bentley". In July 2020 she calved a bull calf by "Stone Red" ( CV Cowboy Casanova x D/O Miss Grande ") which is exciting in itself considering that D/O Miss Grande is 91.25" ttt, has sold for well over $100,000 in public auction and considered one of the best producing dams in the industry.
Owner Name:
Rory and Carla Edwards
Randy and Jamie Briscoe
HELM Respected Temptress